Transworld Claims Solutions
Cost Effective Claims Solutions in a Competitive Environment

TCS is a niche provider of a full range of cost containment and recovery services geared to the needs of the insurance industry.

Our Services

Loss Recovery

Increasingly, insurers have begun to recognize the benefits of a thorough recovery program. For most, however, real challenges lay in the implementation of an effective 'Global' solution. TCS has that solution. We maintain a worldwide network of legal and recovery specialists. Regardless of the jurisdiction, our associates will pursue each matter assigned to them with professional vigor.

Cost Containment

TCS offers a range of Cost Containment solutions. From Bill Review through 'secured' discounting of charges, and on to final payment, we can assist with a plan tailored to your needs.

ADR and Mediation

When a dispute arises, Alternative Dispute Resolution or Mediation may be the the most appropriate solution. TCS experts are trained to identify matters that qualify and bring those resources to bear where it is in the interests of our clients to do so. We will always act to minimize the costs of settlement and maximize our client's net recovery.

Attorney Referral

Common questions asked of insurers, by their insureds who have been involved in an accident abroad, often revolve around whether they should seek representation for a claim against an alleged tortfeasor. And, if so, who should they talk to. TCS is positioned to provide answers to these questions. We will review the specifics of the insured's case and make recommendations. Where warranted, we will provide suitable referrals to specialist 'local' counsel who will act to protect the interests of their client, including that client's equitable or contractual obligations to their insurer.

Fraud Check

Increasingly, insurers are burdened with fraudulent claims. Striking a balance between consistently meeting contractual obligations to their insureds while also avoiding payment on fraudulent claims has proven a challenge. While, in some jurisdictions, a claimant may have only a contractual recourse, in North America a claimant may often sue their insurer for emotional distress, punitive damages, and the like, in a first party 'Bad Faith' action. TCS offers solutions with our extensive fraud detection resources. When the validity of a claim is in question the need for immediate information gathering and meticulous record keeping in all aspects of each investigation is urgently required. Our professionals are well versed in the intricacies of these kinds of investigations and will provide a timely unbiased and professional assessment of each matter assigned.

Other Investigations

While most investigations undertaken center on questions of fraud, insurers may find themselves in need of other investigative services from time to time. TCS can help. We will review the specifics of each matter and offer a cost effective solution. Contact us with your questions.

Other Services

TCS's services are multifaceted and include the areas of invoice recovery for service providers; damage assessment, contract research, and the like. Areas of concentration include the Automotive, Marine, and Heavy Industry sectors. For more information on how we can assist, contact us with your questions.

Online Access

TCS maintains proprietary software which facilitates the e-transfer of all claims and their related documentation. Once enrolled, clients simply log on to our secure database to access their account with us. Designated employees upload new data and documents, add instruction, etc... confirm the documentation related to each claim is complete, and log out. Our software detects each new claim entered and immediately routes it to the TCS administrator assigned. In this way new cases may be undertaken within hours and at lower cost than forwarding by more traditional methods. Clients can also view all cases in their account with us 24/7, and may opt to receive our system generated notifications (via email containing a link to the case) advising of developments as each of their cases progresses. For more information regarding other features and functioning of this software contact us.

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Transworld Claims Solutions Inc., is a Federally Chartered Canadian Corporation whose Registered Office is located at: 57 Talbot Street West, Suite A, Blenheim ON, N0P 1A0.